Personal Colour Analysis

The colours we choose to wear have a powerful effect on the way we feel and also how others react to us. How would it feel to really know which colours make you look you look great, be able to shop with confidence and combine colours with ease?

“The best colour in the world is the one that looks good on you.” Coco Chanel.

We all have a unique pattern of skin tone and eye colour, so some colours make you look amazing and other not so!

During the session Caroline will explore;

  • Understand your own unique colour palette that will really enhance your natural eye colour, skin tone and hair colour.
  • Give you the confidence to combine your colour palette in clothing and how to add coloured accessories.
  • Understand the best make – up colours for your colouring.
  • Give advice on hair colour, glasses and jewellery.
  • Advise on exactly which are the best stores and brands for your colours.

The benefits of wearing your unique colours are that you look younger, healthier and have an increased sense of confidence.

You will receive your own unique personal colour swatch which is easy to carry with you on your shopping trips.

“Caroline has opened a whole new world of colour and clothes combinations that I never knew were possible for me.” Joanie 40

Cost from £135.00



Consultation duration approximately  2.5 – 3 hours

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