Catherine – 32 Marketing Manager

” Once you’ve shopped with Caroline, the way you view your clothes  and your wardrobe will change forever.  No more impulse buys, no more wasted money on cuts, colours or trends that simply don’t suit you.  It’s a real revelation! I love to shop with Caroline because I’m a busy working mum who wants to look stylish – I want people to see a glimpse of my personality in what I’m wearing.  Once you admit that you’re not that great at picking out the right clothes by yourself and you meet Caroline, you’ll look and feel like a brand new person!  This is not prescriptive ‘colour consulting’ or fashion advice. This is a person who can help you to look great on the High Street.”

Jo – Mum to 13 year old Lindsey

“I asked Caroline to do a style session with my daughter as like many teenagers her self confidence and self-esteem was becoming very low and with that she was comparing herself with others and then giving herself a hard time when she did not fit into or look right in the same clothes. Caroline was brilliant at getting her to talk, quickly putting her at ease. The session was fun and informative. By the end of the session my daughter had a clear idea on her body shape and style (which is totally different to mine) and therefore what clothes styles and fabrics she should look for to show off her best assets. Also what not to wear, which is valuable for any age group, as it saves all the time and heartache of bothering with some of the fashion items only to beat yourself up about them just because they don’t good/feel on you. Not only do I have a happier teen but shopping trips are now something to be enjoyed…..thank you Caroline.”

James – 35 yr  CommunicationManager

“At first I was sceptical how much Caroline’s services would actually help and it seemed an unessesary expenditure. However, the friend who recommended Caroline was overflowing with enthusiasm regarding the difference it would make and I could actually see his look had improved immensely since coming under her influence. So, I bit the bullet and haven’t regretted one penny spent. We established the most becoming colours and styles and then spent a day shopping. It took some adjusting to the new styles and clothes but it’s now made a great difference in my social confidence and definatley made me more attractive. It’s well worth the investment and I wouldn’t hesitate recommending anyone to go for it.”

Amy –  42  Graphic Designer

Short and sweet, I have saved so much money knowing what not to buy.

Barbara –  54  Business Coach

Caroline really understands my lifestyle and the image I want to project. I trust her enough to help me experiment with new ideas and I know I will look really great. It’s about getting fashion to work for me – selecting the right bits of fashion is her skill. Caroline knows exactly what styles works for me and will project my personality. Caroline enables me to be myself and she makes you excited about presenting a positive image.

Candy – 40 Marketing Executive

I have received a lot of compliments since wearing my new colours and feel much brighter and lighter in myself. I also feel younger and believe I look much younger. The consultation was a life – changing experience. Caroline is highly intitutive and carefully explained and demonstrated why I suited the summer colours. I would recommend this service to anyone who wants to boost their confidence and save money by not buying clothes that do nothing for them.

Andy – 45 yr Softwear Programmer

Caroline showed me what a huge difference colours can make and took me to shops I would not have dreamed of visiting. A very worthwhile experience for a guy.

Mary – 39 Media Consultant

Since working with Caroline I never have a ‘ I don’t have anything to wear day’ and after six  months i still haven’t exhausted all the possible combinations! Being well dressed has given me much more self confidence. I trust her completely.

Mel – 46 Teacher

Caroline was creative, highly intuitive, and fun; exactly the approach I needed. I booked my session out of curiosity and as an end of year pampering treat. I was left feeling totally energised, inspired and shining inside and out! Caroline really knows her stuff and is a straight talker and yet always worked with, rather than against my own individual style.It was more than advice on colour and shape as she went deep into my personality and lifestyle and came up with many spot-on insights and new ideas. The session was excellent value for money and one of the best gifts I have ever given myself.

Sarah –  45  Accountant

The consultation was booked as a treat for myself. I hadn’t expected the impact it would have on improving my self – image. Friends and clients noticed a shift in the way I used colours that complimented my skin tone and clothes that enhanced the shape of my body. For anyone interested in bring out the best of who they are, I have no hesitation in recommending Caroline Shaw’s services.

Sara –  46  Journalist

Having reached 40,  I was lost for great clothes shopping and what’s more I lost my confidence in ‘my look.’ It was with Caroline that I found myself again. She is a wonderful combination of being both creative and sensitive at the same time!

Helen –  51  Publisher

Caroline helped me create my own signature style using colour,fabric and the right shapes. This knowledge I can apply for the rest of my life. It’s great when people comment on how well I’m looking , I know much of this is due to wearing the right colour and clothes.